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Help us get your friends to the Rocky Mountain Burger Battle!


Burger fanatics, this year we’re bringing the heat up from Denver to Vail for the Rocky Mountain Burger Battle! That’s right, two Burger Battles in one summer! We’re counting on you to help us spread the word and build up the awesome Burger Battle Community with a love for everything burgers, beer, and all things competition.

We’re all about keeping the sizzling tradition alive for chefs and patrons to co-mingle and enjoy the burger gluttony together and determine the Best Burger Between the Buns.

Below are sample social media posts, emails, logos, and images that you can use to promote the Rocky Mountain Burger Battle. And, if your keen on handing out posters, toothpick flags, or stickers – let us know! We’ll send ‘em your way.

Sample Social Posts


We’re headed to the inaugural Rocky Mountain Burger Battle smackdown! A dozen restaurants are turning up the heat and competing for burger dominance! If you haven’t already, get your ticket to the showdown on this side of Vail Pass 🍔 


Turning up the heat for the #BestBetweenTheBuns competition! Inaugural #RockyMountainBurgerBattle 🍔

Hashtags & Handles


Sample Email Messaging

Subject: Join Us At The Rocky Mountain Burger Battle


Hey [Name],

We’re stoked. We have two burger battles to go to this year! That’s right, the Denver Burger Battle August 1 AND the Inaugural Rocky Mountain Burger Battle. The burger smackdown is heading up to Vail for a night of revelry where chefs from across Colorado will settle their beef for the Best Between the Buns Title Championship.

Date: COMING SOON – 2020

Location: Vail Village

What will make the Rocky Mountain Burger Battle epic?

Community: It’s ANOTHER burger battle for the burger junkies who take their beef very seriously. Insta preview: https://instagram.com/rockymtnburgerbattle

More Burgers. You get to sample a dozen of the best burgers from across the state! (Get that ticket).

Battle-Ready: The Burger Bosses know a thing or two, because they’ve done a thing or two or…nine.  Guys, they’ve been putting on the Denver Burger Battle nine years – the inaugural Rocky Mountain Burger Battle is going to be sizzling with experts of epic showdowns!

We’re Going: Just keeping it modest, Burgermeisters. Join us!

Bonus: It’s the same weekend as the Vail Craft Beer Classic – mountain weekender anyone? (There’s a ticket for that too!)

We already grabbed our tickets. Make sure to get yours before the Rocky Mountain Burger Battle completely sells out!

(Your Name Here)

PS: Feel free to share this email.


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